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Get Credit Evaluation done and get instant loan eligibility check of Loans by our Partnering Banks and NBFC’s and use to
  • Settle your medical Bills without any Hassle.
  • Get the Lowest Interest Rates.
  • Get the Fastest Loans when you need them the most.
Simply click on Signup Now and register by entering your phone number and follow through the simple step by step process as instructed.
Loans Start from as low as 50,000/- Rs and avail as per your max eligibility.
It takes as low as 5 minutes to get your loan eligibility checked.
It takes 1 to 2 working days to get your Credit evaluation done.
No the Medical loan does not require any collateral.
  • Id Proof
  • Address Proof
  • Applicant Bank statement 6 months
  • Applicants ITR last two years.
Additionally, the below documents are required
For Salaried:
  • Last 3 months’ salary slip
  • Offer letter/Joining Letter from the company.
For Self Employed/Business
  • Last 3 years ITR of company (Profit and Loss statement, Balance Sheet, ITR)
  • Company 6 months Bank and VAT statement.
The documents are required to identity-verify, credit-check and risk-assess a borrower. Apart from the CIBIL score, we use various other parameters like ability, stability, past performance and intention of the borrowers, which are evaluated basis these documents. The documents like salary slips, bank statements, ITR’s, balance sheets help in taking a collective and transparent decision for the borrower.
Repayment will be through your bank account cheques or NEFT done with the partnered banks through your account monthly.
Date will be as per the repayment schedule given to you by the bank during disbursement. (Generally between 1-10th of every month)
The Loan duration can be anywhere between 1 to 5 years as per your choice during application.
The sanctioned limit is determined by the various parameters based on our credit worthiness and Income stability (and is totally decided by the bank based on their risk metrics)
There are no hidden charges. All the charges will be intimated upfront at the time of sanctioning of the loan amount.
Each Partner Bank and NBFC has a different pre-closure charges which will be intimated to you along with the sanction of the loan amount.
For us data security is outmost priority. We take outmost care to keep your data confidential.
Any person who is in the legal age and stays in the same city and knows you.
Currently none of our Banking/lending partners lends to below 18 years of age therefore the has to be someone other than you.
The Banks/Lending Partners can decline due to the following reasons ( and many more not mentioned here)
  • The Borrower is unable to provide complete documentation or the same cannot be authenticated.
  • These documents are required to evaluate the borrowers credit-worthiness and intention/stability and ability to take and repay loan. Any deficiency on these parameters or in terms of past loan-performance will lead to decline .
  • Physical verification report is negative. It is established that the Borrower does not reside or work at the address submitted.
  •  If at any stage of loan application, HealthFin finds that misleading information was deliberately provided by the borrower with intentions to cheat and hurt the HealthFin system, its founders, stake holders, partners or employees.
Our customer support will help you but you are advised to contact the Lending Bank directly in the helpline number given to you during disbursement (you can also find that in our contact list) .Please mention your loan account number given to you during disbursement of the loan for quick response.
The Loan is disbursed to the hospital only after you sign the letter of consent for direct disbursement to the hospital. Any further non agreement with the hospital is between you and the hospital and HealthFin and the Lending Partner is not responsible for the same. Please confirm/avail the medical procedure clearly from the hospital before signing of the letter of consent.
No searching for Doctor and Hospital is a value added service where we empower our customers to take the best possible decision by considering the information available.
There are no charges to get quote from any of our partnered hospitals and it is a value added service provided to our customer.
Currently this feature is not available but we are working towards making our customer experience as smooth as possible.
Please check if Hospital B is in our partner list, if not then the offer you have got on the loan will not be valid, we normally get a pre negotiated offer on behalf of our customers with our partner hospitals that is why the final offer to the customer is the best in the industry. We will not be able to provide the same offer if the hospital is not in our partner list.
It normally takes the lending partners to lend to a person who has not taken any new loan for past 6 months still your application will be considered on its merits.