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About Us

We call ourselves facilitators of better health ,we provide a 360 engagement with the patient .Not only do we help him find an apt solution to his medical problems but also to find a solution to fund his medical procedure in the most hassle free manner ,providing him the best deal. A technology enabled marketplace to get the best deals from different partner banks to fund medical treatment at the best hospitals. Using technology as an enabler we are creating a new ecosystem wherin the customer is empowered to make the best choices as per his needs. We have a strong and experienced team which constantly endeavours to bring the best healthcare solution to the doorstep of the customer at the most affordable rates. We strive for excellence and make it a point that in the process we get the best value for the customer.

We are here to help you to take charge!

A family is shocked at the revelation of a disease of their loved ones. By the time they absorb the news, they start reeling with the realization of lack of funds. We believe that no one should be made to choose between money and saving a life or for that matter even improving the quality of life through medical interventions. This initiated the conceiving of HeathFin where we want to stop cost from being a deterrent to achieve good health.

Why us?

Healthfin’s lending platform gives you or your healthcare provider the ability to access finance companies at the point of services from any desktop or mobile device. Hospital staff on behalf of patients or the patient relative or even the patient (in select cases) can apply for loan in less than two minutes and can receive an approval within five minutes. The loan amount is directly disbursed to the hospital with in the shortest time possible.